**SOLD OUT** Rise (Demigodz) 2xLP - The Cornerstone **175 copies only**

Image of **SOLD OUT** Rise (Demigodz) 2xLP - The Cornerstone **175 copies only**


Rise of the Demigodz crew drops his 2xLP 'The Cornerstone'. 2 must-have, heavy slabs of wax for the hip-hop purist. 17 tracks of Rise at his autobiographical best over head-nodding beats produced by Bankrupt Europeans. Cuts throughout by DJ Jazz T (except for 'Slave' - cuts by Capital 1212).

175 only available - extras included are a glossy card lyrics sheet, and a Nobody-Buys-Records sticker.


A1 Miscellaneous
A2 Call Me Rise
A3 Quieeeeet
A4 Vanity

B1 Slave
B2 Smoky Blues (Interlude)
B3 Elijah Rock
B4 Empires Collapse

C1 After The Break
C2 I Rise
C3 How You Say It
C4 Mood Music (Interlude)

D1 4 Eva
D2 JuGa
D3 Above The Influence
D4 Winding Down (Interlude)
D5 Ride Out (Outro)

Sold Out