Class Dismissed / Plans For The Day 45 DOUBLES

Image of Class Dismissed / Plans For The Day 45 DOUBLES


To be frank, Class Dismissed was made to flip doubles- all the section changes are just so inviting for rearranging and creating an entirely new sequence! So this bundle gives you doubles at a great price:)

Check out AUDIO here:

Instead of our blurb, here are some review quotes:

“Class Dismissed is quite simply the acme of cutting and pasting funky samples and drum breaks to create b-boy dancefloor havoc. “

" if you're a fan of DJ Format, DJ Einstein, Major Force, Double Dee & Steisnki then you're going to be a fan of this.A ridiculously funky breakbeat cut n' paste cut packed full of awesome samples and breaks, it's breakin' nirvana you could say. This has to be one of the best hip hop/breakin' 45s of the year, quality from start to finish